Jazz Levelled Classes

We teach traditional jazz technique alongside new tricks and kicks and movements that have developed over the years.  Miss Leah trained under instructors that worked directly with Michael Jackson and Bod Fosse's wife, and studied jazz since early high school.   Miss Debbie trained in jazz since she was in elementary school and has a degree in dance performance and pedegogy.  The lists below are just a guideline for each level before students move ahead.  WDA is not limited to these however.  We continuously train ourselves with the industries top choreographers and instructors.  We want to bring you the best. 

Jazz 1:
Arm/Feet positions
Head positions
Jazz Splits
4 Corners
Tendu/Plie neutral and turned out
Degage neutral and turned out
Jazz square
Jazz runs/walks
Pas de bourree
Chasses (side, front, and alternating feet)
Chasse ball change
Kick Ball Change
Ball Change Walks
Pivot turns
Passe neutral and turned out
Saute Passe
Pique Passe
Battements (all directions)
3 step turns/chaines
Straight leg leaps
Single pirouettes
Floor roll (start standing, tuck knee under, roll, stand)
Tour jetes

Bonus Features:
Start Fan Kick

Jazz 2:
Isolations/body rolls
Jazz splits to splits
Turning pas de bourree
Saute Passe with tucked bottom leg
Develope leaps
Side leap
Leap to floor
Chaine in relève and plie
Releve Walks (normal, through coupe, and through passe)
Pique turns
Pencil Turns
Double pirouettes
Pirouettes: en de hors, en de dans (turned out and neutral)
Fan kicks and then add traveling
Toe Touches
"c" jumps
Progressions across floor with faster pas de bourree and 3 step turns etc..
Tour Jete increase height and scissor affect
Fouette jump
Forced Arch Work
Barrel Turn (standing)
Beginning Illusion

Jazz 3: (flat and heels)
Splits all directions (split rolls)
Reverse leaps
Firebird jump (running & assemble)
Faster chaine turns
Triple pirouettes
Chaine leap
Kickline skills
Stag jump
Stag leap
Surprise leap
Change up battements progressions added height
Start forced arch addition
Peter Pan Leaps
Fan Kick Jump
Fan Kick Jump/land in lunge
Shoulder Roll (start)
Turning “C” Jumps
Floor Hinge (start with legs on floor, hinge back)
Fouette turns
Seconds turns
Inverted Fan
Barrel Turn Jump

Jazz 4+ (flat and heels)
Choreography work
Switch leaps (all….front to back, & middle)
Switch Firebird
Hitch Kick Layouts
Hinge to the floor
More Forced Arch work (lunges etc, layouts)
Second turns
Fuette Turns
Triple Pirouettes to Quads (all directions, and positions)
Shoulder rolls all different kinds
Fish rolls
Elbow cartwheels
Toe rises
Rolling Toe Rise
Panche rolls
Fanning Tuck Jump
Fanning Tuck Jump to the floor
Inverted Fan every which way… 
Reverse Switch
Flying Disc