Jazz & Poms Classes

WDA is thrilled to offer a continuing program in Poms/Jazz.  Our Poms classes are led by Laura McGuire.  Laura is in her second year of college, and serving as the Junior Escadrille Coach this coming season. Laura herself served all four years of high school as an Escadrille member and choreographer for some routines!  Her skills have already proven to work in top award winning routines throughout our competition season for WWDazzlers Jazz Team.

We have age based Poms classes this coming season.  We suggest that you also take ballet, jazz, and conditioning leaps & turns.

All classes focus on the basic Pom Arm postitions and movements. Kickline routines and requirements.  Strengthening exercises for their arms.  Pom Passes and more!  They difficulty increases with each age group.  They also work through lots of formation changes.  WDA is proud to have assisted many of our students to their goal of being on their high school or collegiate teams. 

Kids Poms (5-9yrs old)

Youth Poms (9-12yrs old)

Teen Poms (13yrs+)