Choreography Instruction

Wildwood Dance and Arts is proud to add Choreography to its curriculum. This allows us to better perpetuate our mission to providing a well rounded dancer. WDA offers such courses to assist those students with a professional path in mind, plus helps students prepare for collegiate courses of all study. The Choreography program is an instructor lead process. Laura Livingston heads off this first year of the program with visits from the Director-Leah Cordiano-Siemens, and Assistant Director-Katie McMasters throughout the year.

Choreography Course: (10yrs +) Choreography is the art of creating and arranging dance. This class gives the student the opportunity to explore their creative side and ideas to create dances. In this course the students will learn to create dances through experimentation, improvisation, guided exercises, and choreography techniques. The students will work on their own choreography for our year-end performance (must be enrolled in Ballet II, or higher). (costumes will be limited to $40 or less for these recital pieces and is due Dec 12, 2008) (1 ½ hour in length)

• Forms of Dance Notation: symbolic representation of dance movement
• Improvisation: investigation of dance movement
• Design movement for effective communication
• Identifying Choreographic Form
• Staging Choreographic Piece
• Practical Experience in the classroom: Costuming, Theatre Tech, Student Instruction
o Materials needed for course: student responsibility
 3 ring binder
 Lined note paper
 Pencils/Pencil holder
 Blank Writable CD with case