Audition Forms & Tips


• Be sure to come early.
• Bring something to eat and may have to wait a while and you don't want to be weak during your audition.
• Wear a leotard and tights, and avoid loose clothing. A traditional ballet bun for your hair is best. *Be sure your hair is secure, and your clothes are comfortable, so you don't have to worry about those things during the audition.
• Don't bring valuables, chances are you will have no where to leave them.
• Don't wear jewelry or decorate yourself too much, it gives a bad impression.
• Don't watch the other dancers, trust yourself. They might have no idea what they are doing.
• Always smile and emphasize the upper body. Even if you don't know the combination, it gives a favorable impression and attracts attention.
• Bring an extra change of clothes, and extra ribbons, just in case.
• Make sure you bring all the papers they may need.
• Be sure to warm up properly, most of the time the auditioner will not warm you up before beginning.
Miscellaneous Tips
o Respect your teachers. Not only will they be more willing to help you and cast you in performances, promote you, etc., but you will form a friendship with them.
o At the beginning of each semester, and especially the beginning of each year, ask yourself what you want. Sign up for classes accordingly, and concentrate on your goals.
o Use classtime wisely. The teachers are there to teach you and help you improve. Use the most of this situation, and ALWAYS ask questions if you have them.