Mini Dazzlers

Wildwood Dance and Arts ~ WWDazzlers Jazz Team Participation Contract

Mission and Goals: The goal of this jazz line is to allow students an opportunity to perform in public venues in a nurturing environment that not only offers a place to grow as a dancer/performer and build self-esteem, but focuses on professional training first and foremost. They will be training throughout the year to develop the skills unique to jazz performance.

Performance Focus/Opportunities: Main focus is to compete at a 3 local competitions per year, and we would love to discuss taking them to Chicago to Dance Olympus/America Comp with the other Dazzlers and Crew in Feb and Nationals with Dance America/Olympus (July 3-10-tba). All athletes are required to perform in all recitals as well. Opportunities to perform in local venues; Eureka Days Parade (second weekend in Sept), Wildwood Founders Day (Aug 25), Wildwood BBQ Bash (Sept 28-30), Cardinals Game Performance (Oct 1), National Dance Week (April/May), Dancing in the Streets (Sept), Spring into Dance (Memorial Day Weekend), Live on the Levee/Fair St. Louis (July), Girls Scout events, and more. The practice received from these is tremendous to improving their skills, and most of them also serve as a fundraiser for the team or some sort of community outreach! Absences must be submitted in writing as soon as possible. All performance groups perform in ALL of our recitals in June!

Weekly Class Requirements: These must be met to participate on the jazz team. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students are encouraged to take elective classes on top of required classes to increase technique, help condition, and become a well-rounded dancer. Rehearsal classes are dedicated to learning and perfecting choreography while technique classes are designed to enhance skill and knowledge. Both are very important to the success of each dancer

Weekly Classes:
Kids Jazz (5-9yrs) OR Ballet/Tap/Jazz
MINI WWDazzler Rehearsal Class
Minimum Hours: 1.75 hours -2.5 hours

Tuition for classes and coaches fees are due by the 1st of each month. Failure to pay may result in removal from the team.

Annual Registration: $20.00 per student

Competition and Performance Proposed Schedule ~ 2013-2014 Please call for a more detailed and cost specific list of competitions costs. Not off of the competitions have listed their fees yet. Listed are educated guesses based on last year’s schedule, and some posted information received to date. They are subject to change. Wildwood Dance and Arts has several performance and competition teams and will be taking other groups to some of the workshops, competitions, and performance venues listed here as well. We also open the invitation to all WDA students to attend workshops with the groups to broaden their horizon as dancers. We register as a large group and enter dance routines accordingly to their categories. REGISTRATION DEADLINES are posted. They usually require a minimum of a month and half to two months in advance to enter fees and reserve slots. A few sell out and require earlier payments. Most of them have not posted their deadlines yet. As soon as they do we will notify everyone.


Costs: Costs will be kept as low as possible, but extra expenses will be incurred throughout the year and may include costumes, transportation, entrance fees, etc…. Notice will be given in advance when new expenses present themselves. Please call the studio for Coaching Fees, Choreograph Fees, etc...

Attendance: all dancers are required to attend scheduled rehearsals. Absences can make it difficult on the choreographer and dancers to rehearse choreography and staging. Absences must be discussed in advance and must be submitted in writing. Students who become ill must have a parent call before rehearsal to be excused. Absence from the last class prior to a performance may prevent a dancer from performing. This is at the discretion of the director. *Three unexcused absences may lead to the removal from the team.

Conduct: Positive attitudes are encouraged and poor attitudes are not tolerated. A dancer may be suspended from participation if their conduct becomes a distraction to their fellow team members and teachers. One warning will be given to the dancer and the parent before suspension. We have multiple performance groups that range from a Dance Company, Jazz Team, Acrobatic Gymnastic Team, and our Hip Hop Crews! It is crucial that the students, teachers, and parents treat ALL participants with respect and support. We strive to maintain a positive, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere at Wildwood Dance and Arts. Something that has set us apart from the rest is our reputation for caring for our students, our professional attitude, and great dancers! No matter what the genre or path they have chosen to focus on we want all of our students to support one another and make efforts to see what the other kids are doing and spread the word!

Attire: Students are required to wear appropriate clothing to rehearsal class. Below are the only acceptable options: Leotard, tights, jazz pants or skirt, and appropriate dance shoes. This is to ensure that instructors can see each student’s body move to help perfect technique and prevent injury. Students not prepared with appropriate clothing may be asked not to participate and will result in an unexcused absence.

Technology Use: Team members may also be suspended for improper use of technology. Posting videos or clips on Facebook, MySpace, etc.. from class or performances without permission may warrant dismissal from the team. Always check if you are unsure if something can be posted please. The kids don’t always think about what they post either on their pages…. Just be aware.

We are so excited to enter our third year with the WWDazzlers and all the fabulous things in store for all of our dancers! Thank you- Miss Leah and Miss Beth

Please make sure you have read all material. Sign “Participation Signature Form”, and turn into the front desk with your Fall Registration due no later than August 14, 2013