Mini Hip Hop Crew

MINI Hip Hop Crew is geared toward ages 5-9yrs old.  No audition necessary. 

Our Mini Hip Hop Crew is coached by Amy Coyle.  Mini Crew members must take, at minimum, the Kids Hip Hop Class and the Mini Crew Rehearsals (min 1hr 45min total).  We encourage them to take other forms of dance and acro.  It only enhances their technique and unique abililites.  The crew has been entertaining locally for a couple years now, and we're so proud of their progress.  They are required to compete in a minimum of 3 local competitions in the spring. We are discussing taking them out of town this season.  They also have the opportunity to perform in many other local venues throughout St. Louis. 

Mission and Goals: The goal of this hip hop crew is to allow students an opportunity to perform in public venues in a nurturing environment that not only offers a place to grow as a dancer/performer and build self-esteem, but focuses on professional training first and foremost. They will be training throughout the year to develop the skills unique to jazz performance.

Performance Focus/Opportunities: Main focus is to compete at 3 local competitions per year. All athletes are required to perform in recital as well. Opportunities to perform in local venues; Eureka Days Parade (second weekend in Sept), Wildwood Founders Day (August 25th), Wildwood BBQ Bash (Sept 28-30), National Dance Week (April/May), Dancing in the Streets (Sept 29), Spring into Dance (Memorial Day Weekend), Live on the Levee/Fair St. Louis (July), Girls Scout events, and more. These additional performances are not required, but highly encouraged. The practice received from these is tremendous to improving their skills, and most of them also serve as a fundraiser for the team or some sort of community outreach! Absences must be submitted in writing as soon as possible. All performance groups perform in ALL of our recitals in June!

Weekly Class Requirements: These must be met to participate on the jazz team. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students are encouraged to take elective classes on top of required classes to increase technique, help condition, and become a well-rounded dancer. Rehearsal classes are dedicated to learning and perfecting choreography while technique classes are designed to enhance skill and knowledge. Both are very important to the success of each dancer

Kids Hip Hop (5-9yrs) or Youth Hip Hop (8-12yrs)
MINI WWDazzler Rehearsal