Marquis Theatre

The Drama/Musical Theatre class works to develop your imagination, exploration, musical theatre, "Method Acting", how to audition, as well as theatre games. Students learn note recognition, note values along with characters and songs that go along with them. They will work on pretending, imagination, exploration and theatre games.The students to begin to explore monologues, commercial acting, character study, theatrical terminology, vocal development, basic theatre dance steps, improvisation and more. We work on "Method Acting" techniques, greater character study, improvisational development, personal monologue work, and remembering past experiences to develop characters.

Group Voice: They work on harmonizing and as individual singers. They work on their scales, vocal projection, and melodies etc..

Musical Theatre Dance: This class focuses on the style that is used in musical theatre productions on broadway. They will explore different styles. It builds on classical forms of dance, but adds the flair of acting to it.

Wildwood Marquis Productions: Our new musical theatre production company. We produce one production per season, perform at local venues, and in recitals as well. The previous classes listed here are requirements to participate in Wildwood Marquis Productions. In addition to this rehearsal class.

All Drama classes listed here are under the tutelage of Debbie Devine.